Temperature-Check Employees and Customers Upon Entry

Set up a thermal scanning installation in Omaha, NE

Now more than ever, thermal scanning is essential to ensure your employees and customers remain healthy. Ambiance Audio|Control|Video offers thermal scanning installation for businesses throughout the Omaha, NE area. With a thermal scanning device, it's easy to intercept employees and customers to check their temperature instantly.

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Using thermal scanners is simple

Using thermal scanners is simple

Alerting your employees to their fevers is easy with these unique devices. We can install your thermal scanning unit anywhere, whether you want it stationed at the front door or elsewhere in your building. The device quickly picks up temperature readings and alerts your phone or computer system if someone is running a fever.

With the right tools at your disposal, you can help prevent the spread of viruses throughout your workplace. Call 402-991-2222 today to learn more about our thermal scanning installation services.